In the absence of a job, a (camera-shy) shiba will create one for herself!

While shiba inu are not working dogs in the sense that one usually associates with Border Collies, they do like to keep occupied and/or amused.  They were originally bred to work — hunting, general doorbell duties —  and anyone who has lived with a shiba knows they take that part of the job seriously.  While they are always as helpful as  Shiba-Wanko, we do see our shibas paying particular attention to doing some things with gusto.

Kimiko, for example, will often look for something to carry in her mouth.  Sometimes its a stick, sometimes a horse chestnut.  Sometimes there’s an ulterior motive of play going on, but more often than not, she just likes to trot along carrying something.  On this particular day, it was a stick.

… for what it’s worth, Kimiko does not like having her picture taken.  She will often refuse to look at when the camera is out, but also has an uncanny knack of knowing just when the camera is going to click, and turning her head away at the critical moment.  Eric, on the other hand, never met a camera he didn’t like!

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