Natural born killer

Shiba inu look cute, but they were originally bred to hunt … and kill.  Mostly small animals.  People always look a little alarmed when you tell them that, but that is the reality of life with a shiba inu.  Every walk is a little hunting adventure – sometimes rabbits, sometimes cats, and today it was birds in the park.  Fortunately, the devilish red-one (otherwise known as Kimiko!) was harnessed and leashed, as the birds were out in full force, foraging on the ground for stray berries and seeds.

#shibainu hunting!

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One thought on “Natural born killer

  1. I taught my Shiba Inu that all of the critters were mine, (he is not allowed to play with anything that is mine). He hasn’t killed one critter yet in the 5 years we have had him. 🙂

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