STV: the all Shiba Inu Channel

We are pleased to bring you your gratuitous shiba inu content for the day

… and now we return you to your regularly scheduled programming 🙂

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3 thoughts on “STV: the all Shiba Inu Channel

  1. redfox jeanette on said:

    Kimiko and Eric are both gorgeous shiba inus. Where did you get them?

    • janicemansfield on said:

      Eric is not papered — he came from someone in town whose female had bred once (not technically a backyard breeder, but …) We still see her around town as Eric’s mom did business rounds with her up until a couple of years ago

      Kimiko is a Sunojo shiba

  2. redfox jeanette on said:

    I loved kimiko ever since I saw a youtube vid of her watching the puppy cam. ❤ kimiko ❤

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